Transforming to a new role


My life has changed since September 1st this year when Leona Marie Doenges enter my life and her new life. I am now a “Baba” which is short for “Babushka”, Polish for Grandma.   I ramble on about her in my other blog.

I used to be a mainframe software developer until my job was outsourced to India.  I have taken various odd jobs while I learned Web Development languages and Java software.

Meanwhile, I was a school bus driver for three years for New Albany-Plain Local Schools.  Unfortunately, I finally figured out how to drive the big bus, but didn’t figure out all the right ways to manage students on the bus.  Silly me, I was treating elementary school students like adults.  So, I am unemployed now.

Because of little Leona, I am working to get back to my Weight Watcher goal weight and get better control of my diabetes.  I have had diabetes for 16 years and have had to use insulin now.

I am not eligible to be a school bus driver until I jump through hoops because of using insulin.  It is a complicated process and requires me to see an endocrinologist and optometrist (with a certificate to write prescriptions) and have them sign a report.  I saw my eye doctor (as I was due for regular checkup) and have an appointment in November to see the endocrinologist.

I am also waiting to hear if I can even apply for a waiver because of a minor accident that I had a couple of years ago.  So maybe I can be a school driver again or maybe no.

So, if I will not be a bus driver and can’t be a software developer, what should I do?  I know that I can be a Baba.


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