A Beautiful Day, A Sad Soul

December can be a low time

I am enjoying a sunny day in Central Ohio. Also, today is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. I attended the morning Mass to celebrate this feast day and am awestruck by how Mary said “Yes!” without any hesitation to the task of becoming the Mother of Jesus. Now it is commonplace for a woman to have a baby and not be married, but that was the case in Mary’s time. Mary could have been stoned to death. What a great role model Mary is. She did not hesitate to say Yes and I pray that I can grow to be a person to say Yes to God without any hesitation.

Joseph and Mary Display

I am still looking for a job, I have almost given up the possibility of being a software developer anymore and that thought makes me sad. I had my official interview with the TSA this week and learned that if I pass the rest of the steps, that the early shift starts at 4:00 AM and I would need to waste money on a $210 per month parking pass in order to arrive on time. That makes me sad too. I am hoping and praying that perhaps I can work on one of the other shifts where I can use the bus to get to the airport. Or maybe I would have the guts to use my bicycle and commute in the dark.


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