Android App?

Or I Should Just Stop Whining and Get Back to Work

Most of the time on this blog, I have been sharing my sad feelings about being unemployed.  In our society, we place too much emphasis on what we do to create our identity and not much on our other aspects of our lives.  So, I do feel down that I am not currently employed.  I am slightly employed as an independent software developer and do website maintenance and have created some Android apps.  Being an Android Developer is not an easy task.  Just when I think I have created the winning app, I learn that I need to redo things.  Such is the case of this following app.

I am going to call this Android App – “Recipe Calculator”.  I am in my journey to eat healthy and lose weight and found that I needed a tool to calculate nutritional information.  I often make substitutions in a recipe and want to know how it affects the nutritional information.  This will also be a tool to calculate the Weight Watcher Points Plus® information per serving.  I first created this app to add items for one recipe and calculate the per serving information.  I added a layer above that to be able to maintain multiple recipes and have found out that I need to change how I do the database.  So, back to the internet I go to find better examples on how I should implement the database or should I put the database in the cloud?  Well, back to work and I will share images of the app after it is fixed.

As you can see by the above screen prints, I found a better example of how to implement a database between multiple activities in an app. The recipe with ingredients and recipe instructions needs to be cleaned up so that it scrolls properly and there are some background SQL errors that should be cleaned up too. Then on to the final testing and publishing the app to the Market.


2 thoughts on “Android App?

  1. Dear Sue,

    I have no android phone but my husband does, I guess it does not help for this comment anyway:) Why don’t you guide people for different diets? Recently, I was following Dukan, and then Karatay… Dukan is not calculating calories but you need to know if something is protein or what, if chestnut is protein or carbohydrate. It could be useful e.g. carrot is vegetable but if you cook it, it is carbohydrate. I hope it helps…
    Bes wishes,

    • Dear Özge,
      I use a book called ‘The Complete Book of Food Counts’ by Corinne T. Netzer. It has Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein, Cholesterol, Sodium, Fat & Fiber for both commercially packaged foods and just plain foods. Carrots are a vegetable and are high in carbohydrates than other vegetables. That is probably why I like them.

      I am not familiar with either of those diets, but would recommend having a reference book with nutritional information to look up items to see how much protein it has compared to carbohydrates.

      At one time in my life I did the Aitken’s High Protein diet and lost weight. Later I gained it back as I returned to my regular eating habits. I would encourage you to look at a more balanced diet of protein, carbs and fiber, eat less and exercise more.

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