Under Construction


This is how I feel right now.

I would rather be working

Today I went to the endocrinologist for a followup visit and to see if he would assist in me continue with my application to work as a Transportation Safety Officer or School Bus Driver. Applying to be a TSO has been an adventure. It started back in August of 2011. I applied in August and heard back from them a month later. There are 12 steps to their process, which included an English language test and a visual test to identify items in a simulated X Ray machine. That test happened in September. Wait another couple of months and had an interview with questions and a unique color-blindness test (that I can’t tell anyone about). Wait more time and schedule a health exam and fill out a long health history form.

I had my health exam in December and heard back at the end of the month that they needed more information in a phone interview. That turned into me having to get more forms done by my doctors. Of Course they want 12 months of notes from the Doctors and fax them to a non-toll free number. Oh joy!


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