The Desert of Lent

This Journey thru the Wilderness

We have passed the fourth Sunday of Lent. In two Sundays, will be Palm Sunday and then Easter. I’m still looking for the right job. Just when I think that an interview went well–the silent treatment happens, which signifies that it did not go well. I mourn the fact that people can’t just say they are not interested in you for a position and just leave you out in the cold desert.

I had a phone call out of the blue for a developer position for a firm in Westerville. Not a head-hunter, a real representative from the company. I had a pleasant discussion with the HR person and a technical interview on Wednesday. I hope that I will not be sent to the desert again.

I also got an email from Apple about a work-at-home position to provide Apple support. I had applied to work at the Apple store and had a couple interviews (before they sent me to the desert). I have a Skype interview this week. Will see if I have what they are looking for.

Finally, got all the medical paperwork sent to the TSA from my various doctor offices. I expect to hear from them that something is wrong and needs to be resubmitted. I could be pleasantly surprised and see my application go further on in this long process. This adventure started in August of 2011 and progressed to a Medical exam in December. They came back with requests for more information from my Doctors and some were slow in getting the reams of documents that TSA wanted.

When I have not been out on the bicycle or babysitting, I have been filling the time and working on enhancing my bicycle trip logging Android app. It is functionally ready. Now I need to review the ‘Look and Feel’ before I publish it to the Google Marketplace, now named Google Play. (I prefer the first name).

Next week, I will have a companion in the desert, as it is spring break for the New Albany school district, and my husband Mike will be home. Edgar, my son and other unemployed companion, is now a working member of society. I miss his daily visits, but am glad he is getting on with his life and not just hanging around with his Mom.


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