How I Migrated the Live Drupal site to VirtualBox site

This is what I did–Brute Force, But it worked, sort of

  1. Used MyPHPAdmin and exported the database (after following Katy’s instructions to clear the various cache tables and other ones–I forget)
  2. Downloaded the foxfami1_drp10.sql file to vagrant-chef-dlamp/public directory
  3. Using Putty:  Went into MySql and deleted/redefined dbname database (easier than manually deleting all the tables)
    1. mysql -u root -p
    2. drop database dbname;
    3. create database dbname;
  4. Using Putty: mysql -u root -p dbname<vagrant/public/foxfami1_drp10.sql – to restore the database.
  5. On Host:  Used Zip to save the existing Site folder, downloaded and unZipped it to /vagrant-chef-dlamp/public and replaced the existing site directory.
  6. Using Putty: drush updatedb


  • Even though I thought that I had the same modules in the LocalHost Drupal, I was missing the Libaries Module,  This caused a problem with my Views Slideshow.
    • Undefined variable: module_path in _views_slideshow_cycle_preprocess_views_slideshow_cycle_main_frame() (line 91 of /vagrant/public/sites/all/modules/views_slideshow/contrib/views_slideshow_cycle/theme/
    • From Putty:  drush dl libaries and then drush en libraries


I need to figure out how exactly to use the Backup/Restore module to keep the database in sync and modules/themes.


2 thoughts on “How I Migrated the Live Drupal site to VirtualBox site

  1. I am also looking to be able to sync sites and dbs. I would ideally like to do it with drush rsync and drush sql-sync. But it means getting ssh working.

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