About Me

Software Developer, Mom, Grandma “Baba” & Musician

Workpress.com suggested that I update this page with more information. My name is Sue and I am a Software Developer by trade. I started this blog when I attended an online introduction to the Internet class via Sinclair Community College. It was amazing to find out what I didn’t know about the internet by taking this class.
I have worked on various hardware platforms and have branched out into web development and android application development.

I am married with two children and a new grandchild, Leona. You can read more on my other blog:
I found out that I could install a version of WordPress on my website and do most of my blogging there.
I am a musician that plays various woodwind instruments: Clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon, but not at the same time. I play Clarinet and Bassoon at Church and Oboe with the the Columbus Pops Concert Band. I have played with the New Albany Community Band and the Greater Columbus Orchestra in the past. Music is a big part of my life now.


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