Footprints in the snow

Strange, but usual weather in Central Ohio


There is a saying here, that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a day and it will change. Valentine’s Day was one of those days. We had a couple of inches of heavy, crunchy snow. I decided to walk to an appointment at the Credit Union, instead of driving. Mel, a church friend, saw me walking and asked if I needed a ride. That was so caring. It was a pleasant walk in the snow, that I decided to take Cooper out to enjoy a walk later in the day.

I found it interesting to look at the various footprints as I walked with him. That is the beauty of new snow

Dog and blog


So, do you have a cookie for me?

Yesterday Edgar got a new phone and decided to test out his camera.  So he took some new contact photos of Mike and I. Then there is our dog, Cooper.  He is the captive model for many photos.


What's up Dude?

“What do you want?” Says Cooper. It sure looks like Cooper is in the twilight time between waking and sleeping.



Back to regular sleep.  This is the usual pose for Cooper.

Transforming to a new role


My life has changed since September 1st this year when Leona Marie Doenges enter my life and her new life. I am now a “Baba” which is short for “Babushka”, Polish for Grandma.   I ramble on about her in my other blog.

I used to be a mainframe software developer until my job was outsourced to India.  I have taken various odd jobs while I learned Web Development languages and Java software.

Meanwhile, I was a school bus driver for three years for New Albany-Plain Local Schools.  Unfortunately, I finally figured out how to drive the big bus, but didn’t figure out all the right ways to manage students on the bus.  Silly me, I was treating elementary school students like adults.  So, I am unemployed now.

Because of little Leona, I am working to get back to my Weight Watcher goal weight and get better control of my diabetes.  I have had diabetes for 16 years and have had to use insulin now.

I am not eligible to be a school bus driver until I jump through hoops because of using insulin.  It is a complicated process and requires me to see an endocrinologist and optometrist (with a certificate to write prescriptions) and have them sign a report.  I saw my eye doctor (as I was due for regular checkup) and have an appointment in November to see the endocrinologist.

I am also waiting to hear if I can even apply for a waiver because of a minor accident that I had a couple of years ago.  So maybe I can be a school driver again or maybe no.

So, if I will not be a bus driver and can’t be a software developer, what should I do?  I know that I can be a Baba.