Dog and blog


So, do you have a cookie for me?

Yesterday Edgar got a new phone and decided to test out his camera.  So he took some new contact photos of Mike and I. Then there is our dog, Cooper.  He is the captive model for many photos.


What's up Dude?

“What do you want?” Says Cooper. It sure looks like Cooper is in the twilight time between waking and sleeping.



Back to regular sleep.  This is the usual pose for Cooper.


Under Construction



This is how I feel right now.

I would rather be working

Today I went to the endocrinologist for a followup visit and to see if he would assist in me continue with my application to work as a Transportation Safety Officer or School Bus Driver. Applying to be a TSO has been an adventure. It started back in August of 2011. I applied in August and heard back from them a month later. There are 12 steps to their process, which included an English language test and a visual test to identify items in a simulated X Ray machine. That test happened in September. Wait another couple of months and had an interview with questions and a unique color-blindness test (that I can’t tell anyone about). Wait more time and schedule a health exam and fill out a long health history form.

I had my health exam in December and heard back at the end of the month that they needed more information in a phone interview. That turned into me having to get more forms done by my doctors. Of Course they want 12 months of notes from the Doctors and fax them to a non-toll free number. Oh joy!

Android App?

Or I Should Just Stop Whining and Get Back to Work

Most of the time on this blog, I have been sharing my sad feelings about being unemployed.  In our society, we place too much emphasis on what we do to create our identity and not much on our other aspects of our lives.  So, I do feel down that I am not currently employed.  I am slightly employed as an independent software developer and do website maintenance and have created some Android apps.  Being an Android Developer is not an easy task.  Just when I think I have created the winning app, I learn that I need to redo things.  Such is the case of this following app.

I am going to call this Android App – “Recipe Calculator”.  I am in my journey to eat healthy and lose weight and found that I needed a tool to calculate nutritional information.  I often make substitutions in a recipe and want to know how it affects the nutritional information.  This will also be a tool to calculate the Weight Watcher Points Plus® information per serving.  I first created this app to add items for one recipe and calculate the per serving information.  I added a layer above that to be able to maintain multiple recipes and have found out that I need to change how I do the database.  So, back to the internet I go to find better examples on how I should implement the database or should I put the database in the cloud?  Well, back to work and I will share images of the app after it is fixed.

As you can see by the above screen prints, I found a better example of how to implement a database between multiple activities in an app. The recipe with ingredients and recipe instructions needs to be cleaned up so that it scrolls properly and there are some background SQL errors that should be cleaned up too. Then on to the final testing and publishing the app to the Market.

A Beautiful Day, A Sad Soul

December can be a low time

I am enjoying a sunny day in Central Ohio. Also, today is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. I attended the morning Mass to celebrate this feast day and am awestruck by how Mary said “Yes!” without any hesitation to the task of becoming the Mother of Jesus. Now it is commonplace for a woman to have a baby and not be married, but that was the case in Mary’s time. Mary could have been stoned to death. What a great role model Mary is. She did not hesitate to say Yes and I pray that I can grow to be a person to say Yes to God without any hesitation.

Joseph and Mary Display

I am still looking for a job, I have almost given up the possibility of being a software developer anymore and that thought makes me sad. I had my official interview with the TSA this week and learned that if I pass the rest of the steps, that the early shift starts at 4:00 AM and I would need to waste money on a $210 per month parking pass in order to arrive on time. That makes me sad too. I am hoping and praying that perhaps I can work on one of the other shifts where I can use the bus to get to the airport. Or maybe I would have the guts to use my bicycle and commute in the dark.

Thoughts on a Rainy Day


I am sitting in my living room watching a baby sleep and listening to the sounds of the ocean coming from a smartphone app. It is a very soothing sound to listen to on this damp and dreary day. There are also some nature sounds playing and that reminds me of what I am not hearing outside because of the rain. It seems that the birds must hide when it is cloudy or rainy and come out when the sun comes out. We are in the Autumn season and will continue to have more cool and cloudy days and have less and less colorful leaves on the trees.
Then I will need to listen to the nature sounds and imagine the sunshine–that should help to get through the upcoming dark and cold winter season.


Leaves are still on the tree in this photo.

Interviews! Interviews!

Today I attended an Apple Hiring Event.  It was a combination of an informational meeting & group interview.  It looks like a company that sells technology to people and has a strong emphasis on people.  I would love to work for that kind of company.  I got a phone call tonight to set up a one on one interview on Monday.
I also have an interview at Dublin school transportation department tomorrow.  It will be a busy day tomorrow.  Things are looking up!  I still wish I could do software development again.

Transforming to a new role


My life has changed since September 1st this year when Leona Marie Doenges enter my life and her new life. I am now a “Baba” which is short for “Babushka”, Polish for Grandma.   I ramble on about her in my other blog.

I used to be a mainframe software developer until my job was outsourced to India.  I have taken various odd jobs while I learned Web Development languages and Java software.

Meanwhile, I was a school bus driver for three years for New Albany-Plain Local Schools.  Unfortunately, I finally figured out how to drive the big bus, but didn’t figure out all the right ways to manage students on the bus.  Silly me, I was treating elementary school students like adults.  So, I am unemployed now.

Because of little Leona, I am working to get back to my Weight Watcher goal weight and get better control of my diabetes.  I have had diabetes for 16 years and have had to use insulin now.

I am not eligible to be a school bus driver until I jump through hoops because of using insulin.  It is a complicated process and requires me to see an endocrinologist and optometrist (with a certificate to write prescriptions) and have them sign a report.  I saw my eye doctor (as I was due for regular checkup) and have an appointment in November to see the endocrinologist.

I am also waiting to hear if I can even apply for a waiver because of a minor accident that I had a couple of years ago.  So maybe I can be a school driver again or maybe no.

So, if I will not be a bus driver and can’t be a software developer, what should I do?  I know that I can be a Baba.